Japanese Herbology
In Japan, Herbology—also known as Kanpo—is only allowed to be prescribed by physicians and dispensed by a pharmacist. The herbal formulas are highly regulated, standardized, and produced by pharmaceutical companies under strict regulations. Unlike the decoctions and raw herbs that often need to be prepared at home, we only use manufacturers that provide a more convenient and highly effective form of granules. The two companies we use are the only manufacturers that distribute in the United States that actually prepare your formula before turning it into a small powder to swallow. Most other manufacturers skip this critical step, and simply reduce the single herbs into powder before packaging.The Kanpo formulas are mostly based on the classics and have been used for thousands of years. They are highly focused to target a specific condition and produce rapid results.

Chinese Herbology
In China, Herbology has continued to develop and advance over the millennium with different schools of thought. Whereas Kanpo “sticks to what works,” the Chinese have continued to develop and refine their approach. Recently, some imported products from China have not met the highest of standards. As such, we can refer you to a distributor in New York City that has satisfied the highest of FDA standards. Upon request they will provide a free tour of their Manhattan facility, and if asked will provide all relevant documentation.Delivery: For the convenience of AXIOM Holistic clients, herbal formulas can be delivered via USPS, FedEx or messenger.