Kiiko Style of Japanese Acupuncture

To achieve significant and successful results, AXIOM primarily uses the Kiiko Style of Japanese Acupuncture. It is a highly skilled and developed technique of palpation and treatment that relies on an immediate and noticeable change in the body to confirm proper treatment. Kiiko Matsumoto has principally drawn upon the experience of Nagano, Kawaii, and Manaka to assemble a system that embraces Western medicine to advance the therapeutic benefits. This style is the only form of acupuncture taught at Harvard Medical School.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

This approach to acupuncture provides significant results by identifying constrictions or tight and tender points in the body that correspond to either physical or emotion conditions. Then, at the pace of the patient, these points are released. The work of doctors Travell & Simons on myofascial pain and dysfunction has significantly influenced this style.

Classical Chinese Medicine

The common denominator among East Asian Medicine, today it is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is taught in almost every acupuncture and oriental medical school in the United States. However, the roots of TCM are in the classical medical texts that are still relied upon as the jewel of Chinese Medicine. Rigorous study and examination of these texts provides insight into the fundamentals of the human condition.